March 2014 Update



Here at Warlocks we are in a transitional state. Some of you may know already that we are looking for a location to call home and setup shop. We will certainly let all of you know more about that when we get it narrowed down. In the meantime please read up on some current and upcoming Warlocks stuff as follows.



We are hosting monthly meet ups at The League of Extraordinary Brewers for the local comic industry as well as the local retro gaming community. Each of these meetups has it’s own Facebook group. They are not public groups but you can ask to become a member on the group page. This is done to keep some control as to who is coming into the group.

If you are interested in joining the comic industry group go HERE.

If you are interested in joining the retro gaming group go HERE.


WARPOD (Warlocks Podcast)

We have changed the frequency of the podcast. We have decided to do the podcast once a month due to scheduling issues and our history of skipping release dates. We hope that this will help us divide our focus in an efficient manner. We have a lot of other projects that need our attention and this will help us deliver on them. We will now be releasing the new episodes of the Warpod during the first week of each month. We won’t even attempt to nail down an exact day because we are just not that punctual. You can listen to the Warpod on iTunes, the BeyondPod app, or the Warlocks Games and Beer website.



If you follow us on any given social media you may have noticed we are starting to release more “Let’s Play” videos. These videos are one of the projects we discussed above that need our attention. We have some new ideas that we are working on and expect to have more videos out by the second week of April. Zach Nanamus, Jason Danforth, and myself will be playing and commentating in these videos. We have not decided if we will focus on retro games, new games, or try to find some kind of balance between them. If you have a preference let us know on the Twitter, @warlocksbrew.



Zach Nanamus has a message for Nintendo in his latest video. Check it out HERE.



Comicpalooza is the big comic/nerd convention in Houston. Warlocks will have a booth and possibly something more. Stay tuned for details. Comicpalooza is May 23rd through May 26th. Register now!



Warlocks is a member of The League of Extraordinary Brewers. This means you can come down and drink our beer at 907 Franklin St. in downtown Houston. The League is open Wed – Sun 4pm to Midnight.



We have new Warlocks shirts and glasses for sale! You can come down to The League of Extraordinary Brewers to purchase them. We will have these items available to purchase online soon. These items will also be available for purchase at Comicpalooza.


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