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Jonnydem here. I just wanted to let all of you local Warlocks know how you can find us at Comicpalooza this year. We are doing a few things and we will be all over the place this weekend.

First off, if you see us walking around please stop us. We might have some free stuff for you. At the very least we will give you a magnet. Everyone likes magnets.

Haven’t seen us before? Don’t know who to grab and shake down for a magnet? Don’t worry we have you covered. We will be the idiots walking around in these:


The color of the shirt might be a little different but you get the idea.

Second, talk to us about becoming a Warlock with a Warlocks cape. I know that sentence sounds a little strange but yes, a cape. We made some capes this year and we want to get as many pictures as possible of people wearing them. We may even bestow a super hero name on you. We will get those pictures up on our social media so you can see how ridiculous you look when you let a stranger put a cape on you.


On Friday at 7:00 pm we will be taking part in the Houston Nerd-Casting Collective panel in the Microsearch panel room which is room 372D. This is going to be a lot of fun. We very much recommend that you come down. Friday isn’t going to be very busy so if you show up there is a good chance you will win something from our raffle. Heck yeah, we are giving away free stuff. That’s how we roll.


(This schedule is subject to change)

Lastly, come see us at the podcasting table at 3:00 pm on Saturday. We are going to be getting the live audience involved in a kickass game. “Kickass” as in it’s going to be fun. No one will be kicking anyone’s ass… probably.

You should certainly check out the other podcasts on the schedule as there are many talented podcasters on the list.

So that’s it. Hope to see you at Comicpalooza 2016!!!




The month of May is only a few days away which means… COMICPALOOZA, Houston’s premier comic and nerd convention going down May 22nd through the 25th. Here at Warlocks we love conventions! Sometimes we go all the way to Wisconsin to experience them (looking at you Guys Games and Beer). Last year we attended Comicpalooza, however, we had a booth and didn’t get to experience Comicpalooza like everyone else. We were working hard to get awareness buzzing about Warlocks. This year is different.

This year Warlocks Games and Beer has been chosen to be an official podcast of Comicpalooza! Which means that we will be giving away tickets on our podcast (Follow us on twitter and stay tuned, @warlocksbrew), podcasting at Comicpalooza, and we get to interview anyone we want. OK, that last part wasn’t true. You were jealous there for a second weren’t you? We will be working hard to get interviews leading up to and during the show. We can’t promise anything at the moment except that we will try. We are stupid excited about this opportunity though.

Like last year, we will be working with Space City Nerd (our podcasting spouse that we have an open relationship with) in some capacity. I hate to be cryptic but details will be coming out soon.

I know I said this but I can’t stress this enough. You will want to follow us on Twitter: @warlocksbrew. Keep an eye for this hashtag too: #HoustonNerdsUnite

You can get tickets for Comicpalooza HERE. Be sure to use the coupon code: HoustonNerdsUnite2015

We are very excited to meet some of our favorite celebrities, artists, actors, and writers. This is just a small sample of the great guests Comicpalooza has coming to the event this year:

Kevin Eastman 

Ivy Doomkitty 


Dana Snyder 

Roger Jackson 

Laurie Holden 

Cameron Monaghan 

Cory Michael Smith