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The Wolverine is Overrated

Next Wolverine feature in THE MONTH OF LOGAN is The Wolverine! As The Wolverine is fairly well received, we must tear it down as is protocol now at Warlocks Entertainment System.

The Wolverine is certainly one of the best movies in the X-men franchise at Fox. Wolverine runs off to do some stabbing in Japan this go around. He spends no time with his allies, the X-Men. It really stand out against the rest of the X-men movies.

Some might say this movie is overrated. We disagree with that premise if you exclude the 3rd act. It was almost as if the movie was made by two different teams with the weaker of the two working on the 3rd act. I’m sure there is a story there. Having said all that, this movie is certainly far from being the worst Wolverine movie.

To date this is Hugh Jackman’s best Wolverine performance. This is being written before Logan has been released so there is still a chance that could change. If you are asking yourself “has Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for the last time?” …Yes, yes he has. Hugh has said he will not be playing Wolverine after Logan. We will miss him after Logan comes out. I hope they do not replace him right away. It would feel strange to see someone else playing Wolverine.

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