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The WarPod Ep119: The Killing Joke

Zach and Jonny went and saw the Killing Joke and this is what they thought of it.

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WarPod #104: The Killing Joke

 The Killing Joke is being made into an animated movie. It could also be Batman’s first rated R film. Zach and Jonny are excited about it. They are not so excited about the rumors surrounding the PS4K though.

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WarPod #81: Rated R Killing Joke, Gamera trailer, Let’s Player’s Mansion, and Microtransactions in Destiny

Zach and Jonny talk some rated R superheros and whether or not we want to see more of them. Apparently the guys are due millions of dollars and Jonny kills Apollo Creed as a result. There is a bunch of other stuff so listen to the episode already. Oh yeah, and Star Wars Battlefront beta.