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Way of the Lightsaber: The Jakku Temple at Wizard World Austin – Warpod 127

The Saber Guild’s Jakku Temple spoke with Zach about their Star Wars fight choreography and philanthropy. They even demonstrated their fight choreography, just for our camera. Place your bet on the Sith vs. the Jedi. My money is on a freak accident where Zach looses a toe…

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The WarPod Ep120: Rogue One Trailer

We brought Jeremy in on this episode because he is a bigger Star Wars fan than either of us. We spend the entire episode talking about the Rogue One trailer that was just released, so it was fitting. We will certainly have Jeremy on the show again.

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WarPod #100: Retrospective


This is it! The big episode 100 extravaganza! We have revenge, intrigue, Star Wars actors, wonderful friends from Wisconsin, secrets, dad jokes, and cake!

We spend some time in this episode reminiscing a little bit. We have fun looking back and remembering all the great people that have made the WarPod what it is. Speaking of all those people, please take a look at the links below.


WarPod #92: Let’s Dance

There are real people with functioning brains that want George Lucas to come back and direct a Star Wars movie. Zach and Jonny give directions to most major mental institutions and hospitals around the country so they can find they help they need. The guys also talk about David Bowie, Sony trying to trademark “Let’s Play”, video games for blind people, Batman vs Superman vs Daredevil, and the cost of the Oculus Rift.


WarPod #91: What’s with all the Kung Fu?

Kung Fu! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Joss Whedon said some things! What’s not too love.
Am I getting lazier about the episode summaries?

WarPod #90: It’s a Podcast Damn It!

OUR STAR WARS EPISODE IS NOW LIVE! We know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Stop reading this and go listen or watch the episode.

WarPod #84: Dark Side Luke, Extra Life 2015, Fan Theories, Squirrel Girl is not a Mutant

Zach and Jonny are optimistic that Squirrel Girl will find her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Luke Skywalker may not be the good guy we thought, and they talk about other fan theories that are relevant to their interest. Most importantly though, it is the last WarPod episode before the big 24 hour Extra Life gaming marathon! The guys have recruited the help of some indie developers and publishers such as Bone Loaf, Power Hoof, Glass Knuckle Games, and tiny Build who have supplied such indie titles as Crawl, Thief Town, Gang Beasts, and Speed Runners for the guys to play during the streaming event on November 7th.