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Warlocks Lunch-Cast #1

Jason (EdgeOfBlade) and Jonny (Jonnydem) decided Warlocks wasn’t busy enough so we created another show! Our goal is to get together via Hangouts On Air to do a live show that will be also uploaded to YouTube during our lunch hour. Generally we will start about noon and go for about 20 mins or so.

Below you will find our first episode. In this episode Jonny talks a little about his last minute trip to Memphis. Then the conversation shifts into recent gaming news including out impressions of recent news from Microsoft concerning VR and Project Scorpio. Also, was the Sony press conference at E3 all that great?

The WarPod Ep112: E3 Extravaganza

Jonny, Zach, and special guest Dashing J from Real Hipster Army talk about E3 and Comicpalooza.

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WarPod #104: The Killing Joke

 The Killing Joke is being made into an animated movie. It could also be Batman’s first rated R film. Zach and Jonny are excited about it. They are not so excited about the rumors surrounding the PS4K though.

The WarPod is brought to you in part by listeners like you. Click the link below for more information about our Patreon campaign.

WarPod #92: Let’s Dance

There are real people with functioning brains that want George Lucas to come back and direct a Star Wars movie. Zach and Jonny give directions to most major mental institutions and hospitals around the country so they can find they help they need. The guys also talk about David Bowie, Sony trying to trademark “Let’s Play”, video games for blind people, Batman vs Superman vs Daredevil, and the cost of the Oculus Rift.


WarPod #66: Will Spider-man be a good Avenger?, No Man’s Sky, Battlefield Houston, Cat Games

WarPod #66: Will Spider-man be a good Avenger?, No Man’s Sky, Battlefield Houston, Cat Games

Will Spider-man make a good Avenger? Will No Man’s Sky be all it’s cracked up to be? Who wouldn’t want to play a reckless cat in a video game? Will you win a free hour of laser tag at the awesome Battlefield Houston? These questions and more are answered on this week’s musical WarPod podcast!

WarPod #65: The Debut of the New Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, E3 Recap, and Katie Cook Comic Giveaway!

WarPod #65: The Debut of the New Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, E3 Recap, and Katie Cook Comic Giveaway!

Today is the launch of the Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, which is a collection of some of the best Houston based nerd themed podcasts. Links below. Katie Cook (My Little Pony, Gronk) signed a few copies of her comic “Gronk” for us. We are giving them away! Listen to the podcast to find out how to get one. The rest of this episode is a bunch of E3 talk. OH! and Mutual friend Marlin is on the show!

E3 2015: In Case You Missed It

Ahhh, E3. It’s a magical time for gamers, when we get to see what entertainment lies for us on the horizon. I must admit, however, that I felt a twinge of hesitancy. After all, A lot of the big games had already been teased last year. I was worried that it would be the same big tease. Yet, there remained within a feeling of hope. Hope for surprises, but mainly hope for more in depth information on the projects I have been looking forward to. I was not let down. Thus far into the convention everyone has brought their A-games (AAA-games?), and the tech demos have been pretty rad. So, here are the opinions of the Jonesy warlock on all the stuff that has happened thus far:


Bethesda had a killer E3 showing. I personally loved the Skyrim music at the beginning of the press conference. Here is what Bethesda presented at this year’s E3:

Fallout 4- The trailer looks gorgeous, and the real Pip-boy has already sold out on websites like amazon. For me, this game is my most anticipated of the games I am currently looking forward to, and so far I have extremely high hopes for what these people will do with the next Fallout. Boston has a lot of history to play with, so that will be fun to see what they do with it. The gameplay looks incredibly fun, and the crazy amount of customization you can do looks intense. I will be spending a lot of time in post-apocalyptic Boston.

Doom- Doom had a great response as well. Although I’ve never been drawn to the series, I was impressed with what Doom 4 had to offer to the shooter genre. The gameplay is stunningly beautiful, yet the truly impressive part is how the dev team managed to create a new yet simultaneously nostalgic feel to the game. This one doesn’t look like it will let down the fans of the Doom series. I could see myself playing this one.

Dishonored 2- I’m not going to go too much into this, since I haven’t been too drawn to the Dishonored games and wasn’t crazy impressed with the trailer. Perhaps fans of the game will enjoy it, but it looks a little strange to me. Like, why does that robot have such a strange face? It kinda creeps me out.


I will be giving all my money to Ubisoft. They might as well just take my debit card and do with it as they please. Here are the games that Ubisoft presented, in no particular order:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole- Nope. Nope nope nope.

For Honor: This is an interesting concept, a Medieval setting for a multiplayer. You pick between three different groups: Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. It could be cool, but I think I might pass on this one. Unless Jonnydem talks me into it.

The Crew: Wild Run: A sequel to their cross country car game, the trailer for this made it seem pretty fun. I have a pretty deep love-hate relationship with racing games (They are so much fun, yet I’m so terrible at them). I might consider it when more in depth gameplay comes out for it, but for now it’s definitely near the bottom of my list of games to play.

Trials fusion: awesome level max- Ummmm…

The Division: I have been looking forward to some real gameplay for this game for some time now. Although the cheesy dialogue nearly ruins the gameplay (“let’s do some teamwork”?), I ignore it and focus instead on how awesome this game looks. It’s beautiful, and looks like a lot of fun. The fact that your people can betray you looks intense. I hope that the execution of it is as great as the build up.

Anno 2205: This interesting game for PC is a strategy farming game of sorts, where the end goal is to get to…the Moon? Some people might get a kick out of it.

Just Dance 2016: Not much to say about this, as its just another installment of the known series. I’m sure it will be fun for those who like to bust a move.

Rainbow Six Siege: I’m definitely more excited about this game than I was. It looks like a lot of fun, and the Terrohunt gameplay looks cool.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: I’m a HUGE fan of the Assassin’s creed series, but Unity left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Fortunately, this game has renewed my love for the franchise, and I look forward to playing this game when it comes out.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands: HOLY CRAP. This game better happen. I would love to see some in game Co-op on this. Fortunately, Jonnydem loves the GR series as well so I anticipate several hours of killing bad guys and arguing about which approach is better.



Microsoft had a great showing at this E3. There was a lot of bombshells, and we finally got to see more about Halo 5 than the infamous poncho. Here was the showing for Microsoft and the XBOX 1:

Halo 5: Guardians: I’ll play this game simply because it has Nathan Fillion. In all seriousness, this game looks as beautiful as ever. I’m sure the storyline will be fun, and the multiplayer Warzone looks pretty chaotic and fun. It’ll be a great experience for the new system.

Recore: This game looks…interesting. I’m on the fence about it, and will give it more thought when I see actual gameplay.

Fallout 4- They talked briefly about this game, but the coolest thing they talked about was how people can transfer mods from the PC to the XBox for free. We’ll see how that goes.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare 2: I’m sure fans of the series will enjoy it, I will take a pass.

Forza Motorsports 6: I really need to get back into racing games. The Forza series has been a big name in racing games for years and this one looks beyond gorgeous.

The Division/Rainbow 6: They covered the same basics that was covered in the Ubisoft conference, only this time they announced that Rainbow 6 Vegas & Vegas 2 would come free with Siege, so that is cool.

Gigantic: Another game in the MOAB gamestyle. This and the strange artistic style made me want to take a hard pass.

ID@XBOX: A program giving indie game developers a platform to showcase their games. Some look great, some look rough, but the concept of giving these games a chance is pretty amazing. It was pretty awesome that they covered DayZ, hopefully that will transfer well to XBox.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: This game looks really fun. I haven’t played the series since the old days of the Playstation, and I didn’t play the newest one. Maybe I’ll look up reviews for the last one. The over the top action looks fun. I will have to look more into it.

Rare Replay: Remastered older games like Conkers bad fur day and banjo-kazooie? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Gears of War: First, they announced a fully remastered Gears of War, which sounds fun. Then they announced Gears of War 4. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the Gears games, though they are pretty cool. I’m curious as to what the story will be.

Of course, Microsoft is not just known for games. They had some interesting tech announcements as well:

Backwards compatibility: The crowds lost their minds, and with good reason. This is pretty cool, especially for those who are still catching up on past games (like myself).

XBox 1 elite controller: This thing looks pretty savvy. The hair pin trigger and ability to swap buttons is awesome, but I’m sold on the audio port. Playing with headphones is my thing.

Holo-Lens: The demo for this was incredible, as they demo’ed it with Minecraft. The technology potential is wild. Obviously, it will be awhile before this technology is truly ready for standard gaming, but it will be great when that day is here.


EA started off with a bang, teasing Mass Effect Andromeda. Too bad it won’t be ready until Holiday 2016. Until then, we have plenty of great games to keep us busy. Here are the highlights from EA:

Need for Speed: This game is up there on the list of racing games with Forza, and one of the games that I’d love to get back into. This one is as good as any to get back into.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: The new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, promises a storyline where your choices matter and determine your story. How they’ll pull that off in an MMORPG, I’m not quite sure. We shall see.

Unravel: A new IP that falls in with the Indie crowd, This Puzzle adventure holds a lot of promise. The preview looked hilarious, especially the part with the squirrel. Go watch the trailer, its fun.

Plants vs. Zombies: I’m glad I can fast-forward the internet.

Sports games: If you’ve been living in a hole for the past 20 years, EA puts out sports games every year. This year is no different.

Mirror’s Edge: This was high on my list of most anticipated games of E3, and it did not disappoint. The game looks gorgeous, and it looks like it will play as well as the last, if not better. This game will be incredible, even though it is unfortunately a prequel.

Star Wars Battlefront: I was on the fence about this game prior to E3, after hearing about how much stuff wasn’t going to be in the game. I wondered if this game would deliver anything other than a re-skinned Battlefield. The gameplay looked incredible, though I’m still under the impression that it’s definitely going to be one-sided for the empire. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to logging in some game time.


Sony had a great press conference that revealed a lot of amazing showcases. Though Playstation isn’t quite my cup of tea, I could still get into many of the reveals. Ere are the following Sony topics:

The Last Guardian: It looks like an interesting concept, and most of the art is impressive, but I think the anime-esque rendering of the kid is too strange for me. The design of the DogBird is pretty awesome, though. This one is definitely not my style, but it has potential.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: This incredible concept looks unique and wild. It is an interesting play on the man and machine balance story, and it involves hunting robot animals for…fuel cells? It could be legit.

Hitman: All we got was a trailer, which is pretty cool but doesn’t really show what to expect from the gameplay or story aside from agent 47 being back in business.

Street Fighter 5: Fighting games are my least favorite of the genres. Aside from a select few games, I just can’t get into them. Combine that with the fact that all they showed was a fast paced clip, I found I could not care less.

No Man’s Sky: FINALLY! I’ve been looking forward to some real gameplay for a long time, and it looks AWESOME. I don’t know how They are going to pull off this insane level of detail and depth. This game has skyrocketed on my list of anticipated games for the year to come. Now to get a playstation…

Dream Molecule: I think I just did a ton of peyote…

Firewatch: An interesting suspense story where the hero is a regular joe, doing a job. I see a lot of potential in it, hopefully it isn’t too much of a guided story.

Destiny: The Taken King: It could be a cool game, but I doubt it will get me into Destiny.

World of Final Fantasy: This is a strange thing, it’s a final fantasy story where everyone is tiny and…has big heads? Strange.

Final Fantasy 7: It’s getting a re-master, which is actually pretty crazy cool. We only got a trailer, no gameplay, but I’m sure Final Fantasy fans are going nuts.

Shenmue 3: I have never played the Shenmue games before, so I have no idea what this is about. Pimping out Kickstarter is always fun, though.

Arkham Knight: It looks like Playstation gamers get some exclusive content. Lucky jerks.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: The game looks cool, but then again, they always do. I’m sure it’ll be successful, and it takes some interesting cues from Titanfall. It does look pretty fun. I’m guessing its exclusive to Playstation now? That seems strange.

Disney Infinity 3.0: Now involving Star Wars stuff.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: I guess it should be called The search for the working playstation. The demo seemed to freeze at the beginning. That must have been embarrassing. Or perhaps it should be titled Uncharted 4: Bulletproof Shirt. I know most games require you to suspend belief and accept that your character has Wolverine’s healing powers, but that shootout was rough. It does look like a really fun game though.


And that is that, Jonesy’s opinions on the major E3 press conferences. There is still so much content to discuss and voice my opinions about, but for now I’ll just say good night everybody!