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The WarPod Ep118: SDCC Trailers

Zach and Jonny talk San Diego Comic Con trailers that were released this past week, you know… during San Diego Comic Con. Among the trailers discussed are Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Blair Witch, Suicide Squad, and the LEGO Batman Movie.

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WarPod #95: The Buy Out

Well….  The WarPod is changing hands. Zach and I (Jonnydem) find out at the end of this episode that Edge of Blade is taking over. Don’t fret boys and girls. We’ll make it through this together. We are not going anywhere as far as I know.

Other than that big bombshell we do have a great show for you. TMNT, Conan The Barbarian, and Justice League/Teen Titans all have new trailers that we react to.


WarPod #57: Death of Dem: issue #6

WarPod #57: Death of Dem: issue #6

Zach finally reaches the Broken Satellite in the G2B system. Could this be the end of his journey? Will he find Jonnydem? Will the phat beats of death claim his life? Can you believe this is not butter? Find out now on the WarPod! 

Feel free to stay tuned after the WarPod for a special phat beat from Broken Satellite, if you dare.

Broken Satellite
Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer
Console Power Consumption
Microsoft respond to power consumption issues
Howard the Duck
Justice League: Gods and Monsters