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The WarPod Ep118: SDCC Trailers

Zach and Jonny talk San Diego Comic Con trailers that were released this past week, you know… during San Diego Comic Con. Among the trailers discussed are Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Blair Witch, Suicide Squad, and the LEGO Batman Movie.

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WarPod #51: Women are sexist and Dr. Strange is a Ghost Buster

WarPod Episode #51

The guys play detectives as they try to get down to the bottom of Frog and Toad doing Molly. Then they might as well do drugs themselves as they imagine Dr. Strange as a Ghost Buster, call out women for being sexist, and make fun of Mortal Kombat for being old. HIGH FIVE!

Your Hosts for the evening are:


Zach Nanamus