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WarPod #98: Sponsorship

In this episode we talk about the possibility of a Dragon Age Tactics, Top 3 most anticipated games coming in 2016, True Dungeon,  Final Fantasy 9 now on mobile, and we don’t quite get to the Mary Poppins news but there is a present for you at the end of the podcast.
In this episode we are joined by our corporate sponsored and mandated co-host Jonsey. Things get weird.

WarPod #96: Cautious Optimism

Superman’s new ability, Nintendo’s reward system, Doom 4, Zoolander 2, Rampage movie, and Zach and Jonny review each other’s performances.


First episode of the Edge of Blade dynasty is here. As the title of this episode implies, Jonny and Zach are cautiously optimistic about their new owner. He’s shortened the leash a bit. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too much shorter.


WarPod #65: The Debut of the New Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, E3 Recap, and Katie Cook Comic Giveaway!

WarPod #65: The Debut of the New Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, E3 Recap, and Katie Cook Comic Giveaway!

Today is the launch of the Houston Nerd-Casting Collective, which is a collection of some of the best Houston based nerd themed podcasts. Links below. Katie Cook (My Little Pony, Gronk) signed a few copies of her comic “Gronk” for us. We are giving them away! Listen to the podcast to find out how to get one. The rest of this episode is a bunch of E3 talk. OH! and Mutual friend Marlin is on the show!

WarPod #64: WarPod… WarPod never changes; Peter David, VJ-M8E, Jealous Creatures

WarPod #64: WarPod… WarPod never changes; Peter David, VJ-M8E, Jealous Creatures

Jonesy joins Zach and Jonny on this fresh new episode of the WarPod. The guys talk about Marvel Unlimited and why we haven’t heard about it until now, Jurassic World, and we give our Top 3 anticipated announcements of E3 2015. Oh, and Captain Jaye sounds the interview alarm a few more times… WILL THESE INTERVIEWS EVER END!?


First Reaction to Bethesda Press Conference

Sunday evening is kind of a strange time for an E3 press event. The season finale of Game of Thrones as well as game 5 of the NBA finals were going on at the same time. But that’s when Bethesda was scheduled to do their press event. At this point, a few mins after the press conference has ended, I really don’t care if the Super Bowl was on the same night. Yes, it was that good. The following are some quick reactions to what I saw and heard during the press event.



I played the original DOOM on the Super NES many years ago. It is one of the first games I ever owned. It’s a special game to me. I haven’t played a DOOM game that I didn’t like, including DOOM 3. This DOOM game looks like not only the best DOOM game but one of the best first person shooters in recent memory.


-Classic door opening sound gives me chills

-Love the electronic music soundtrack

-The demons are super varied and scary

-Super pretty

-Fast paced

-Multi-player has depth and a map maker mode called Snapmap (look out Halo Forge)



I have no interest in this game

looks like Team Fortress



Seems like a logical sequel to a game I have not played and probably never will



Elder Scrolls virtual card game? Didn’t know I wanted this until now.



A REAL FUCKING PIP BOY!?!?! Take my money. Take all my money.

Did you hear me? A real fucking Pip Boy comes with the special edition of this game.

NPCs can speak your character’s name. This is awesome. They recorded a bunch of common names so they may not be able to speak your real name.

They made a mobile game for apple devices. Why just apple devices? I don’t fucking know but it pisses me off! Apple sucks!

You remember all that useless crap you can pick up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas that just sits in your inventory until you finally decide to drop it. Well, in Fallout 4 you can build a settlement with all that stuff! That’s right, you can build a settlement from the ground up. So if you like a little Minecraft in your Fallout this game is for you.

So much weapons. So much modification.

You can also modify your power suit. Oh, and you can get a jet pack and fly a Vertibird.

Fallout 4 looks fucking beautiful and it’s launching 11/10/2015. This launch will be unparalleled. People might die.

Also, how can the rest of E3 compete with this press event?

WarPod #61: Death of Dem: issue #10

WarPod #61: Death of Dem: issue #10

Whovians this one is for you.

Zach and Jonny may have found a new home in New Demsville, more precisely, the Warlock Tower in New Demsville. It’s a pretty amazing place to do a podcast from. They have a private studio to record in and celebrities and rock stars alike show up unexpectedly to be interviewed. In this episode the one and only Dan Starkey of Doctor Who fame (Strax) shows up for a proper interview. Mr. Starkey is followed by a couple of doom rockers of the band Project Armageddon who show up for a little less than “proper” interview.