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The WarPod Ep119: The Killing Joke

Zach and Jonny went and saw the Killing Joke and this is what they thought of it.

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WarPod #104: The Killing Joke

 The Killing Joke is being made into an animated movie. It could also be Batman’s first rated R film. Zach and Jonny are excited about it. They are not so excited about the rumors surrounding the PS4K though.

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WarPod #103: Batman Killing People

BATMAN vs SUPERMAN! Zach and Jonny give their review of this long anticipated movie but beware, it’s full of spoilers.
The guys also have guest hosts Cassi and Sarah join in on the episode to talk about the uncanny valley (robots that will kill us all), Dr. Who, and Captain Britain.
Don’t forget to check out Cassi and Sarah’s Nerdy Adventure podcast! Link can be found below.
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WarPod #92: Let’s Dance

There are real people with functioning brains that want George Lucas to come back and direct a Star Wars movie. Zach and Jonny give directions to most major mental institutions and hospitals around the country so they can find they help they need. The guys also talk about David Bowie, Sony trying to trademark “Let’s Play”, video games for blind people, Batman vs Superman vs Daredevil, and the cost of the Oculus Rift.


WarPod #59: Death of Dem: issue #8

WarPod #59: Death of Dem: issue #8

JONNY IS ALIVE! Unfortunately he is still in pain and the mysterious potion has some strange side effects. Zach has an idea. He knows of an archivist named Justin (from the Comical Podcast) who resides on a nearby planet. Will he have the answers? Who knows? One thing is certain. A most HUGE podcast of epic proportions is going to break out and there will be much talk about Comicpalooza. There may even be a couple hidden interviews with cosplayer Spencer Doe and the Dagorath LARPing group. To find out for sure what lies in the depths of that 2 hour mp3 file one most be brave enough to take a listen. We dare you.




The month of May is only a few days away which means… COMICPALOOZA, Houston’s premier comic and nerd convention going down May 22nd through the 25th. Here at Warlocks we love conventions! Sometimes we go all the way to Wisconsin to experience them (looking at you Guys Games and Beer). Last year we attended Comicpalooza, however, we had a booth and didn’t get to experience Comicpalooza like everyone else. We were working hard to get awareness buzzing about Warlocks. This year is different.

This year Warlocks Games and Beer has been chosen to be an official podcast of Comicpalooza! Which means that we will be giving away tickets on our podcast (Follow us on twitter and stay tuned, @warlocksbrew), podcasting at Comicpalooza, and we get to interview anyone we want. OK, that last part wasn’t true. You were jealous there for a second weren’t you? We will be working hard to get interviews leading up to and during the show. We can’t promise anything at the moment except that we will try. We are stupid excited about this opportunity though.

Like last year, we will be working with Space City Nerd (our podcasting spouse that we have an open relationship with) in some capacity. I hate to be cryptic but details will be coming out soon.

I know I said this but I can’t stress this enough. You will want to follow us on Twitter: @warlocksbrew. Keep an eye for this hashtag too: #HoustonNerdsUnite

You can get tickets for Comicpalooza HERE. Be sure to use the coupon code: HoustonNerdsUnite2015

We are very excited to meet some of our favorite celebrities, artists, actors, and writers. This is just a small sample of the great guests Comicpalooza has coming to the event this year:

Kevin Eastman 

Ivy Doomkitty 


Dana Snyder 

Roger Jackson 

Laurie Holden 

Cameron Monaghan 

Cory Michael Smith 

WarPod #54: Death of Dem: issue #3: Italiano Spicy Meatball

WarPod #54: Death of Dem: issue #3: Italiano Spicy Meatball

Jonnydem is still missing. Hope is dwindling. Will we ever find Jonny?
What the hell? Why are there so many erotic massage androids?
Also there is all of this stuff:
Super Hero Mashup (Mario plus Batman), Nintendo is disappointing us, teachers threatening parents with jail time over violent video games, old board games (Elder Sign), Top 3 gods 


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Your hosts tonight: