All Roads Lead to Rome 2

RTS, or Real Time Strategy, games have always been held in high esteem. Though not as widely popular as they were a decade ago, many core gamers still turn to these type of games to hone their strategy skills. The Total War series from creative assembly puts those strategy skills to the test, and on September 3rd Rome 2 will push those skills to the limit.
For those unfamiliar with the Total War series, it differs from the typical RTS in many aspects. You are playing on a global scale against multiple factions. You work on a turn-by-turn style of play, instead of the real-time RTS style that Age of Empires and StarCraft portray. Instead of dealing with a max of 200 units, you have armies at your disposal…if you can play for them. Trade, politics, diplomacy, warfare, this game has it all. If you imagine Risk on steroids, Rome 2 promises to have been juicing more than its predecessors.
In Rome: Total War, released in 2004, you played Rome at the height of her power. Starting off with three of the Roman families to choose from, it was your job to conquer the known world for the glory of Rome. The enemies ranged from the barbarians to the north and west to the Egyptians and Greeks to the east. Rome 2 plans to take that game to the next level, introducing some of the more recent Total War aspects (such as construction outside of the city within that region, more advanced political systems, naval battles). It also rolls out some never-before seen features, which includes the combined naval battles with land battles. Taking a port city, which most were in that time, becomes a lot more interesting. A larger map and updated graphics on top of all that make this game sound like it’s going to be great.
Overall, Rome 2 seems to have what it takes to live up to the classic Rome’s standards. Creative Assembly has promises a historically accurate powerhouse of a game that will still have the most important feature included in their other games: a high ability to just have fun. With the Total War series as great as it is, I’m inclined to believe them.

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