There’s only one Return, and it’s of the Jedi.

Captain’s Log, stardate 2013-09-10:

2 years, 3 months, 22 days, and some odd hours. This is the time I have left in the Marine Corps. This is the time before I can return home to my family and friends and help run a business I helped create. Often I feel like the dead beat dad who knocked up Jonny with this great idea (it was a mutual idea. It takes two to tango, right?) and left him to raise it on his own. Sorry, Jonny! It is impressive to see how he has brought this idea to life. I mean, our beer for sale. Available to the public. It’s pretty freaking exciting to be a part of it all. Who knew that drinking beer and playing video games would actually lead to a viable career? take that, school counselor.

The exciting part is really having a passion to do something worthwhile. Beer may not save lives or anything, but sometimes providing a home away from home can be good for the soul. The craft beer scene is such a fun scene to be a part of, as those involved are usually just as passionate about good beer as you. And there is so much out there! so much beer, so little time. I find myself wanting to travel for the sole reason of visiting other breweries and microbreweries and the like. I hope that, one day, our home at Warlock’s can be such an establishment, where people will want to visit from all over just to meet those wacky folk that created Warlocks beer. We simply couldn’t do it without you. So please, feel free to let us know how we can make the Warlock’s experience more awesometastic for you.

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