Jessica’s First Blog

Hello Everybody!  Let me introduce myself….I’m Jessica….the wife of Jonny and one of the owners of Warlocks.  When these blogs started, Jonny asked me to be one of the writers.  I’ve just taken awhile to make it happen.  So, here goes nothing.

I thought I should use this first post to introduce myself and give you all an idea of where I fit into this picture.  First of all, I would like to point out that I am the wife of a NERD!!  During my posts you will get to read my rants about the positives and negatives of such a position.  For other wives/girlfriends/significant others out there, I hope you can relate to my point of view on some of this and that you will be able to get a few laughs out of my posts.  Well, more on that a little later!

Ok, so a little about me…..I’m a Texan born and raised.  I grew up and went to high school in the Dallas metroplex area.  Then, I went to college at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  I love Southwestern!  It is a small liberal arts university located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  Southwestern has a beautiful campus and some amazing people.  In the world of stereotypes many people would call me a nerd more than than would my husband.  The reason for this is because I graduated college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry.  That’s right…I’m a chemist….it really doesn’t get much nerdier than that.  But, I like to think of myself as a book nerd and not as a game/comic book insane nerd like Jonny 🙂  So, after college, I used that wonderful degree of mine, moved to Houston, Texas and became a Research Chemist for a chemical company.  I still work for that same company today, but now I’m in a Safety position.  Jonny likes to call me “Captain Safety”.  It makes me laugh!  Anyway, a few years after working I met Jonny, the love of my life, and we got married in July of 2011.  In that time I have learned more about video games, comic books, sci-fi TV shows, and other nerd things than I ever had in my previous years of life.  I have to admit, I’ve  had fun learning about all of this stuff, but I am not as into it as Jonny….and I don’t think I will ever be.

In saying all that, there is one thing that I totally nerd out on….Music!  I’ve been a huge music fan my entire life.  When I was a kid, my dad would quiz me on 80’s songs that came on the radio.  A few seconds of the song would play and my dad would say, “Jessica, what’s the name of that song and by what band?”.  I would sometimes get them right, but I did get better over the years.  I’ve always prided myself on how much music I know.  But, I’ve always seemed to love music that no one else listens to.  In high school and college I was really into Christian Rock music.  My dad and I would go to concerts all the time together.  Then, at the end of college and into my working days, I got into “indie rock”.  That’s what I typically like to this day.  I would try and listen to as many new bands as possible (that’s what Myspace was so good for!) and I would go to as many live shows as possible.  This was easy due to the fact that Southwestern was only 30 minutes from Austin, Texas….the live music capital of the world.  I took advantage of my time living so close to Austin.  Now, I have a record player and I collect vinyl records (new and used).  I love listening to records at home; there is just something so awesome about listening to a record.  Jonny doesn’t like the same music as I do, so I find myself listening to records while he is out running the Incubator or brewing beer.  I wish that we saw more eye to eye on music, but it is what it is.  Luckily, Jonny does like other music genres and we have been to some pretty great concerts together.  Here is a small list of some of my favorite bands at the moment:  Fun., The Lumineers, Florence and the Machine, The Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Tokyo Police Club, The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Cold War Kids, and Cage the Elephant.

Oh, I forgot one very important tidbit about music….I love to sing!  I am somewhat of a karaoke diva!  I took private voice lessons for 10 years while I was in school where I became a classically trained vocalist.  Once I graduated college I became super obsessed with karaoke (I even have a picture of a microphone tattooed on my arm).  Going out to karaoke shows is something that Jonny and I like to do together.  He never sang before we were together, but I took him to a few karaoke bars, and now he loves it almost as much as I do (and he’s pretty good).  My favorite song to sing right now is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine.  It is such an amazing song, and people really love to hear it!

So now a little bit about my part of Warlocks: Games and Beer…Officially I am the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  I am currently writing the business plan to help us get investors and loans when we are ready to open up on our own.  This type of report is somewhat similar to the writing I’ve done in my Chemistry career.  I have to take a concept and data and show someone why this concept will work.  I’ve been kind of lazy working on it (probably because I sit in front of a computer all day at my real job) but I have until Labor Day to get the first draft done.  Jonny has started to crack the whip!  I also help support Jonny and the rest of the Warlocks team on whatever they need.  Even though I’m the “resident chemist”, I’m really not into the beer brewing side of things.  Jonny did buy me a book on the chemistry of beer, so I should probably read that so I can give him some guidance.  Also, since I’m not into gaming, I’m not really good at suggesting what games we should play, what’s popular, etc.  One thing I like to do is play board games.  I get competitive when playing board games, and I’ve found it to be one of my favorite pastimes.

One last thing before I sign off…Tomorrow Jonny and I are going to Space City Con in Houston.  This is somewhat similar to ComicCon.  This will be my very first convention of this type to attend.  I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also afraid I may get really bored way before Jonny does.  So, my promise to my blog readers is that my next blog will be a non-nerd’s perspective of Space City Con.  My main objective of my time at Space City Con is to promote Warlocks as much as I can.  Hopefully we get some future customers out of our little excursion.

Ok, it’s time to sign off….until next time…..


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