GTA Freemode Events Trailer

On September 15, 2015, Rockstar released the new Freemode Events update, and I stuck my head in to see what the fuss was about. Soon, I was competing to open my parachute at the lowest altitude, bail out of my vehicle and roll the farthest, and fly upside down for the longest. There are some 19 of these kind of simple competitions, but the best experiences were more detailed.

Out of the handful of more involved events, ranging from King of the Castle, Moving Target, and Penned In, my favorite was far and away the Hunt the Beast mode. One volunteer player is turned into teen wolf, with enhanced speed and strength, in a red varsity jacket and tasked with evading the other players while visiting ten landmarks on the map. It’s a dramatic cooperative experience, and I hope to try the Beast experience at some point.  It sounds like a blast.

I threw some highlights together on my iPad, leaving no movie trailer trope unturned, for your pleasure.