Gamer VS. Relationships

Solomon Burke once said that everybody needs somebody to love and gamers are no exception. Sadly, we have a fairly high hurdle to overcome when it comes to courting and other matters of the heart. Especially since not everybody you want to share your tender moments with enjoys playing video games.

Honestly the problem stems from the stigma that non-gamers place on gamers. Since its inception, video games have been seen as something that only “nerds” “geeks”or “computer buffs”can enjoy. Until fairly recently being a gamer wasn’t widely admitted, much like admitting that you love Farmville. Hmmm. Anyways, now people have become proud to call themselves gamers and we’ve grown from just being classed in with “nerds”or “geeks”and become our own culture.

Recently, when asking a few non-gamer chicas/bros about how they view the average gamer, their response was just about what I expected. To sum it up and basically combine the two opinions, they view gamers as a whole as socially inept, introverted and very rude. The rude came from one of the females watching her boyfriend play on Xbox Live. She claimed she had never ever seen him get as angry as he did when talking to a kid during Call Of Duty. “He scared me,”she claimed. I could do nothing but nod my head with understanding. I know that anger that can only be described as Xbox rage. This is the stigma that most non-gamers have about the community. However, it is very possible to overcome this hurdle and meet someone amazing.

I know people that are in ten times better shape than the usual jock and play eight hours of Final Fantasy XI a day. I know people who make six figures a year through public speaking and still finds the time to wreck fools in League of Legends every single night on the road. I know all kinds of gamers and honestly, that stigma is becoming more and more false by the day. So, now let’s talk about breaking that stigma and proving your worth to that proverbial non-gaming apple of your affection.

What works best for me is to be upfront about what I do and what I like to do. From the outset of the courting phase, the woman who I am trying to enamor is completely aware that most nights I will be spending with another beautiful lady, Nintendo. From there, I begin to break the stigma down. To prove that gamers are not all socially inept or introverts, I invite her to events where no games are present and lots of people are surrounding us. Then I show off by busting jokes as much as I can. Be warned, this only works for genuinely funny individuals…like my charming self.

Next, we work on the rude aspect which is quite easy. For any gentleman or lady of gaming, you should always be courteous and kind by nature. In fact, while playing online games, you look far more graceful making that sour lemon face which holds back the obscenities you want to scream at 12 year old Timmy for teabagging you after a lucky kill. Damnit Timmy.

What these two examples do for the psyche is show a socially adept, extroverted person who has grace. You can still play the bad boy/girl, hard to get, flirt, or whatever other way you like to do it but breaking that stigma about gamers is the key to really “scoring the big one”

So, that’s it!

Not enough? Yeah, I agree. Gamers do have a couple secret weapons that can be used during and after courting. The first weapon is simple, games! There are not many people on the planet that dislike smiling and fun. And what’s better than just smiling and fun? Doing it with other people! Video games are considered works of art, a competitive medium, a way to express emotion that movies and music can not but above all else, they are meant to be fun. It’s okay to separate your two loves during the courting phase initially, but after a while bringing that special someone into your domain will help them connect with you and also let them see what you like so much.

There is a right way to do this however. The mistake most gamers make with their mates is to simply plop them down in front of a game that really isn’t very fun. Something like COD will not make your bunny boo swoon. In fact, he’ll probably rage hard and then you’ll never see him again. Not to mention, he won’t be playing any other Video Games any time soon. The best place to look for entry level titles are in the casual market as well as the family over at Nintendo. Nintendo can make a great game that’s challenging yet not frustrating. My number one recommendation for any new couple or courting friends is Mario Kart. You’ll never see a woman flash a smile faster than the first time she shoots a blue shell at you! Really, it’s true! Once you get that game out of the way, watch and see if they don’t ask to play again. This gives you a chance to offer other games that you think they may like. Once their portal is open then you’ve got yourself a grand opportunity.

Now, for the ultimate secret weapon. The reason why gamers actually make some of the best lovers in the world is that we have amazing hands. Yes. I meant it that way. What do gamers use to game? Our fingers, our hands and our eyes. Eyes can’t really do much for your lover except show them that you didn’t sleep last night thanks to Witcher 2. But your hands can give massages, foot rubs, and many other things that most regular Johns wouldn’t even be able to get close to matching. One of the few loves of my life stayed with me for over 5 years and was turned on the most simply from a back massage. Okay, maybe not just that….she also liked a little Donkey Kong Country theme song to get things going if you know what I mean…

Well that’s all for this edition, see you next time!

Author: Andron Hill

Illustrator: Michael Heller

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