First Reaction to Bethesda Press Conference

Sunday evening is kind of a strange time for an E3 press event. The season finale of Game of Thrones as well as game 5 of the NBA finals were going on at the same time. But that’s when Bethesda was scheduled to do their press event. At this point, a few mins after the press conference has ended, I really don’t care if the Super Bowl was on the same night. Yes, it was that good. The following are some quick reactions to what I saw and heard during the press event.



I played the original DOOM on the Super NES many years ago. It is one of the first games I ever owned. It’s a special game to me. I haven’t played a DOOM game that I didn’t like, including DOOM 3. This DOOM game looks like not only the best DOOM game but one of the best first person shooters in recent memory.


-Classic door opening sound gives me chills

-Love the electronic music soundtrack

-The demons are super varied and scary

-Super pretty

-Fast paced

-Multi-player has depth and a map maker mode called Snapmap (look out Halo Forge)



I have no interest in this game

looks like Team Fortress



Seems like a logical sequel to a game I have not played and probably never will



Elder Scrolls virtual card game? Didn’t know I wanted this until now.



A REAL FUCKING PIP BOY!?!?! Take my money. Take all my money.

Did you hear me? A real fucking Pip Boy comes with the special edition of this game.

NPCs can speak your character’s name. This is awesome. They recorded a bunch of common names so they may not be able to speak your real name.

They made a mobile game for apple devices. Why just apple devices? I don’t fucking know but it pisses me off! Apple sucks!

You remember all that useless crap you can pick up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas that just sits in your inventory until you finally decide to drop it. Well, in Fallout 4 you can build a settlement with all that stuff! That’s right, you can build a settlement from the ground up. So if you like a little Minecraft in your Fallout this game is for you.

So much weapons. So much modification.

You can also modify your power suit. Oh, and you can get a jet pack and fly a Vertibird.

Fallout 4 looks fucking beautiful and it’s launching 11/10/2015. This launch will be unparalleled. People might die.

Also, how can the rest of E3 compete with this press event?

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