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X-Files Theme Acapella

During the recording of the 80th episode of the WarPod there was some discussion about how the X-Files theme song sounded. Zach was just about spot on. Listen to his rendition of this 90’s TV classic theme song and watch his titillating dance moves.

Listen to the rest of episode 80 here.

Halo: Master Chief Collection WarGame Let’s Play

We are doing the whole damn thing! All 4 original titles in the Master Chief Collection! We are very excited about Halo 5 and we feel it is appropriate to revisit the roots of the Master Chief before we dive head first into the fifth installment of his story. Enjoy the first episodes here. There are many more to come:



The WarGames, The BattleMaps, and The WarRoom Sessions

We’ve been hard at work doing ¬†stuff for you. We really hope you like it…

No, really. We have over 80 videos on our YouTube channel and not all of them suck. We have so many videos we had to categorize them a little bit. The following are our 3 categories and an example for each.

First we have…



and then we have…




WarRoom Sessions

Arcade Hangout Ep.2

Jonnydem hangs out on Xbox Arcade and gives you the scoop on three different games that are available. He hits up two very different sports genres. That is if racing is a sport. Who knows and who cares. Check ’em out anyway and see what you could be missing out on.


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