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Next Gen Consoles are on their way!

It has been a long console cycle. In fact, the longest since video gaming has been introduced to the world. The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005. Yeah, it really has been that long. Many have speculated that this long cycle has damaged the industry. Some are even attempting to put blame on the companies “responsible”. I think we need to step back a bit and look at what we have to look forward to. We are finally getting new consoles!

February 20th has been marked on the Calendar by Sony as the day we will see the future of the Playstation. Reading in between the lines, that means the reveal of the Playstation 4. Video game industry experts are also counting on a next generation Xbox reveal within 30 days of the Sony press conference. This long console cycle is about to reach a triumphant end.

Think about all that time Sony and Microsoft have had to research and plan their upcoming consoles. DVR functions, TV capabilities, upgraded graphics, content extended to our other electronic devices,  cloud services, better motion tracking, augmented reality; these are just some of the things we may be looking at experiencing on the new consoles.  Without that extra time in between consoles this time around many of these advancements would be left out of the final products or would remain shadows of their potential applications.

So, gamers, prepare yourselves for a very exciting year ahead. It all starts on Feb. 20. Then just a couple short months and the big E3 announcements will arrive. Who has two thumbs and can’t wait for all of that craziness… This Guy…IMG_20121027_102356


Author: Jonathan P. Niess (Jonnydem)