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First Reaction to Bethesda Press Conference

Sunday evening is kind of a strange time for an E3 press event. The season finale of Game of Thrones as well as game 5 of the NBA finals were going on at the same time. But that’s when Bethesda was scheduled to do their press event. At this point, a few mins after the press conference has ended, I really don’t care if the Super Bowl was on the same night. Yes, it was that good. The following are some quick reactions to what I saw and heard during the press event.



I played the original DOOM on the Super NES many years ago. It is one of the first games I ever owned. It’s a special game to me. I haven’t played a DOOM game that I didn’t like, including DOOM 3. This DOOM game looks like not only the best DOOM game but one of the best first person shooters in recent memory.


-Classic door opening sound gives me chills

-Love the electronic music soundtrack

-The demons are super varied and scary

-Super pretty

-Fast paced

-Multi-player has depth and a map maker mode called Snapmap (look out Halo Forge)



I have no interest in this game

looks like Team Fortress



Seems like a logical sequel to a game I have not played and probably never will



Elder Scrolls virtual card game? Didn’t know I wanted this until now.



A REAL FUCKING PIP BOY!?!?! Take my money. Take all my money.

Did you hear me? A real fucking Pip Boy comes with the special edition of this game.

NPCs can speak your character’s name. This is awesome. They recorded a bunch of common names so they may not be able to speak your real name.

They made a mobile game for apple devices. Why just apple devices? I don’t fucking know but it pisses me off! Apple sucks!

You remember all that useless crap you can pick up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas that just sits in your inventory until you finally decide to drop it. Well, in Fallout 4 you can build a settlement with all that stuff! That’s right, you can build a settlement from the ground up. So if you like a little Minecraft in your Fallout this game is for you.

So much weapons. So much modification.

You can also modify your power suit. Oh, and you can get a jet pack and fly a Vertibird.

Fallout 4 looks fucking beautiful and it’s launching 11/10/2015. This launch will be unparalleled. People might die.

Also, how can the rest of E3 compete with this press event?

Why I Won’t See A Fast and Furious Movie… Ever

It’s true. I have not seen any of the Fast and Furious movies. I have absolutely no desire to see them.

Why, you ask?

Because we have already been there and done that. It feels way too familiar. Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, all of these movies are the same. Maybe I am becoming an old grumpy curmudgeon but I am sick of this shit.

I absolutely can not stand being treated like all of us are the same. These movies are shaping us into a faceless money making collective. These movies don’t challenge us. They do not improve us as a whole.

What hurts is the intellectual properties that I am looking forward to seeing on the big screen are starting to feel a little gross too. Marvel has done great things with their movies as of late but they have to make them for everyone. What if they made those movies for the 25 to 34 age group? Just saying, things could be different.

…things could be different.



The month of May is only a few days away which means… COMICPALOOZA, Houston’s premier comic and nerd convention going down May 22nd through the 25th. Here at Warlocks we love conventions! Sometimes we go all the way to Wisconsin to experience them (looking at you Guys Games and Beer). Last year we attended Comicpalooza, however, we had a booth and didn’t get to experience Comicpalooza like everyone else. We were working hard to get awareness buzzing about Warlocks. This year is different.

This year Warlocks Games and Beer has been chosen to be an official podcast of Comicpalooza! Which means that we will be giving away tickets on our podcast (Follow us on twitter and stay tuned, @warlocksbrew), podcasting at Comicpalooza, and we get to interview anyone we want. OK, that last part wasn’t true. You were jealous there for a second weren’t you? We will be working hard to get interviews leading up to and during the show. We can’t promise anything at the moment except that we will try. We are stupid excited about this opportunity though.

Like last year, we will be working with Space City Nerd (our podcasting spouse that we have an open relationship with) in some capacity. I hate to be cryptic but details will be coming out soon.

I know I said this but I can’t stress this enough. You will want to follow us on Twitter: @warlocksbrew. Keep an eye for this hashtag too: #HoustonNerdsUnite

You can get tickets for Comicpalooza HERE. Be sure to use the coupon code: HoustonNerdsUnite2015

We are very excited to meet some of our favorite celebrities, artists, actors, and writers. This is just a small sample of the great guests Comicpalooza has coming to the event this year:

Kevin Eastman 

Ivy Doomkitty 


Dana Snyder 

Roger Jackson 

Laurie Holden 

Cameron Monaghan 

Cory Michael Smith 

Where is our beer!

Most of what we are doing right now is behind the scenes, social media, and website stuff. We are not serving our beer right now except in a limited capacity at The League of Extraordinary Brewers. We want to let everyone try our beer, we really do but there are a lot of legal restrictions on this. So, be patient with us. We will have beer for you as soon as we can get it to you.

The End is Near



The IndieGoGo campaign is coming to a close. We very clearly did not meet our goal. This is not a sign of the end of this company by any means. We have a lot to look forward to. We are always working in the background to move Warlocks Games and Beer forward.

We really appreciate all of those who backed us and decided to take the leap of faith to put their hard in dollars in our care. There were a lot of people that we met during this process that verbally expressed support but it was you, the backer, the ones who showed up to our events, the ones who have tried our beers. You are the ones I truly and sincerely feel deserve all of the thanks. It is people like you that reinforce and strengthen the vision I have for Warlocks. From the depths of my heart, Thank You.

As I said before, there is still a future for Warlocks. That future may not be the exact vision we had 2 months ago but it is still awesome and still worth your support. We will have news for you as soon as we can confirm our plans. In the mean time we are creating more videos and podcasts for you to enjoy on the ‘ol warlocks website.

Thanks again,

Jonathan “jonny” Niess

aka: Jonnydem

Warlocks Crowd Funding


I am writing this blog post on the eve of Comicpalooza, one of the biggest weekends of my life. I know, on the surface, that statement sounds ridiculous. It’s a comic book convention, what could be so important about that? I’ll tell you. First let me tell you a little story.

This company, my company, Warlocks Games and Beer, was sparked into existence almost 3 years ago between two friends’ hand written correspondence while one of them was in Marine boot camp. It’s a funny thing, hand writing letters. There is something very personal and introspective about physically putting pen to paper. The name of the business came later but those hand written letters helped us figure out what we really wanted to do, open a gaming brewpub.

We knew the first thing we needed to do was get better at brewing. We hadn’t been doing it for more than a year or two but we loved it. You learn pretty early on when you pick up brewing as a hobby how endless the options are for creating recipes. One of us, of course, was a United States Marine but that didn’t stop us from exchanging recipes. We stayed the course and kept on brewing.

A brew day back then would usually take 6 to 8 hours depending on the beer and what equipment we had. There can be long periods of time when the brewer does not need to be actively tending to the beer(or wort) so we would run in and play a round or two of Halo: Reach before running back to check on the brew. We had the timing down perfect.

About this time we decided on a name. I thought it was perfect, Warlocks. The whole story about the name is not one I often tell. I am hesitant to tell the story because it doesn’t exactly pair well with the current objectives of the company. I don’t want anyone to get confused about our intentions. SO, this is what I’ll do. I’ll tell you to watch the movie Superbad. If you are watching that movie you will probably figure it out.

Eventually the owner of The League of Extraordinary Brewers reached out to me on Facebook. She had information to share about a co-working brewpub she was getting off the ground. I didn’t think much about what was being offered to me until I realized the possibility; I could sell my beer to people. This is exactly what I needed. A low cost way to get my product in front of people and make money while doing it.

Long story short, we jumped on board and went for a ride. The League of Extraordinary Brewers has had it’s ups and downs over the past year and a half. Even during the down times we were still doing what I could never have done anywhere else. I was selling my beer.

It has been confusing at times for customers. Many times people thought they were walking into THE Warlocks Games and Beer establishment. In truth we were but a part of The League. I was torn on whether I liked the idea of people believing that The League was Warlocks. Either way, people knew who we were.

Time has passed and we believe it is time to find Warlocks Games and Beer it’s own home. There is no going back. We need to be our own place. Houston isn’t going to be lacking large number of brewpubs for very much longer. We need to strike while the iron is hot.

I feel like I have made many of the correct moves to get the business where it is now. I have never been someone who thinks he knows it all and is going to show the world how it’s done. When I identify a weakness I go to an expert in that area and get the advice I need. I surround myself with people that are better than me because I know one person can’t run a business this size. It takes a team.

Launching the indiegogo campaign temporarily destroyed that team work mantra in me. The instant I pushed that button to launch this campaign the weight of this business was thrown on my shoulders and I felt every ounce of it. I immediately became petrified of failure. It took a day or two and some conversations with trusted people before I could truly relax and put things into perspective.

Yes, this campaign is important. The truth is that it won’t make or break this company but it will give us a real good shot at creating Warlocks on our terms. When you get your money from an investor that investor then becomes a partner. In other words you have to end up compromising your vision. If you get your money from a bank you are tied down financially and have to pay back more than you borrowed. The more money we can get from this crowd funding campaign the better. The jury is still out on how important this campaign will ultimately be.

We have a lot of work to do regardless of whether we reach our goal in this campaign or not. I honestly look forward to the work. The day that I don’t have work to do for Warlocks Games and Beer will be a very sad day.

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this weekend will be one of the most important in my life because we have a booth at the convention with one goal in mind. To gain fans, friends , and campaign contributors. It’s going to be fun. See you at the con.

On top of all that, this is my first Comicpalooza.

Special thanks to Terry Jones, Jessica Niess, and Jason Danforth.

March 2014 Update



Here at Warlocks we are in a transitional state. Some of you may know already that we are looking for a location to call home and setup shop. We will certainly let all of you know more about that when we get it narrowed down. In the meantime please read up on some current and upcoming Warlocks stuff as follows.



We are hosting monthly meet ups at The League of Extraordinary Brewers for the local comic industry as well as the local retro gaming community. Each of these meetups has it’s own Facebook group. They are not public groups but you can ask to become a member on the group page. This is done to keep some control as to who is coming into the group.

If you are interested in joining the comic industry group go HERE.

If you are interested in joining the retro gaming group go HERE.


WARPOD (Warlocks Podcast)

We have changed the frequency of the podcast. We have decided to do the podcast once a month due to scheduling issues and our history of skipping release dates. We hope that this will help us divide our focus in an efficient manner. We have a lot of other projects that need our attention and this will help us deliver on them. We will now be releasing the new episodes of the Warpod during the first week of each month. We won’t even attempt to nail down an exact day because we are just not that punctual. You can listen to the Warpod on iTunes, the BeyondPod app, or the Warlocks Games and Beer website.



If you follow us on any given social media you may have noticed we are starting to release more “Let’s Play” videos. These videos are one of the projects we discussed above that need our attention. We have some new ideas that we are working on and expect to have more videos out by the second week of April. Zach Nanamus, Jason Danforth, and myself will be playing and commentating in these videos. We have not decided if we will focus on retro games, new games, or try to find some kind of balance between them. If you have a preference let us know on the Twitter, @warlocksbrew.



Zach Nanamus has a message for Nintendo in his latest video. Check it out HERE.



Comicpalooza is the big comic/nerd convention in Houston. Warlocks will have a booth and possibly something more. Stay tuned for details. Comicpalooza is May 23rd through May 26th. Register now!



Warlocks is a member of The League of Extraordinary Brewers. This means you can come down and drink our beer at 907 Franklin St. in downtown Houston. The League is open Wed – Sun 4pm to Midnight.



We have new Warlocks shirts and glasses for sale! You can come down to The League of Extraordinary Brewers to purchase them. We will have these items available to purchase online soon. These items will also be available for purchase at Comicpalooza.