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Warpod Ep1

Warpod Ep1. We touch the subjects of next gen consoles, the new season of Arrested Development, Avengers cartoons, and RTX. Being as this is our first episode, it isn’t perfect. Like for instance I, Jonnydem, forget to introduce myself. Stay tuned because the next episode will be much improved. The current plan is to put out a podcast every two weeks. So we will see you then.

Episodes are released every Tuesday.

This episode’s hosts:

Zach Nanamusphoto

Warlocks Memes


The following images are some memes that we have put together. Feel free to save them and toss them about the internet. We hope they make some laughs and bring more visitors to the website. Remember, internet responsibly. Jonny out.


















GamesAndBeerFYeah copy







(Expired) Warlocks Gaming Event featuring Injustice: Gods Among Us



Retro video games, board games, Warlocks beer, and new game Injustice: Gods Among Us. A lot of what we have had in the past plus the new game by Netherworld Games.

You may bring your own board games. The list of board games is up in the air due to availability issues. In other words, our board games may be buried in a storage unit.

If you have Cards Against Humanity please bring it. We get a lot of requests for that game but do not own our own copy yet.

No charge for entry,

$3 half pint beers.

Warlocks Beers available: Nutty Tax Collector Brown, Green Ogre Bell Pepper Beer, Halfling Halfstout, and limited quantities of new nameless beer.

We need help naming our new beer. Come down and have a taste then vote on a name.

Facebook event HERE.

Status of Warlocks and the Brewpub

Hey Everybody!

Jonny here. We haven’t put a whole lot of things up on the website in the last week or so and I wanted to throw out some information to break the silence and keep you gamers and nerds informed. We just wrapped up our third event in downtown Houston at the Brewery Incubator last weekend. It was all about the board games and it was awesome. Brittle Breakers and Kraken Games showed up to take it to the next level and we appreciate them very much.

As many of you know the Brewery Incubator is and will be the Warlocks home base until we are able to open our own facility. The Incubator will be hosting a handful of other aspiring breweries and you can see who they are by clicking HERE or checking out the Allies link in the menu at the top of the page. You will be able to purchase our beer as well as the other breweries’ beers when the Brewery Incubator officially opens this summer.

We hope to continue running events at the Incubator up until we have our own establishment. These events are what we have to gauge interest in our product so the more of you we see at these events the more we know our idea carries value. So far we have not been disappointed. Right now we are working on an event to correspond with the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. As soon as that is finalized we will pass the event info on to all of you. Email subscribers learn of these things first so you might want to jump on that list. Subscribe in the left sidebar of this page.

We have increased efforts in developing new beers to share with all of you recently. Some of you may have consumed one of the Warlocks staple beers such as Valhalla Braggot, Nutty Tax Collector Brown, or the yet to be named Bell Pepper Beer. We have also developed an English Bitter and will soon have available a Stout that we have made all our own. Next we will tackle a Hefeweizen.

The website content has been fairly regular for a few months for which I am proud. We owe a big thank you to our writers Andron Hill and Joseph Herrera for creating original content for the website. We have more of their work already on its way including an article series by Andron called “Gamer Versus”. I am personally excited about it and give it my personal recommendation for all of the gamers out there.

Some of the Warlocks team are moving to another part of Houston soon so I ask for just a little bit of patience while we make the necessary adjustments in this very busy time.

We are all very excited about the progress of Warlocks so far and we appreciate all of the support you have shown us. Without people like you Warlocks is just an awesome idea that will never be realized. Stay tuned, we are only getting started.

(Expired) All-day Board Game Event March 9th



You ever played a long game of monopoly? Like seven hours long? How would you like to try that again but with a better more complex game that will challenge your mental endurance as well as strategy and planning skills? Now imagine you are being served food during this long adventure. Not chips and cheap pizza but a real meal prepared where you can smell it while it cooks. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Stop thinking about it and sign up, because that dream scenario is exactly what we are offering. Space is limited so you will want to jump on those tickets quick.

We will have two separate game table being played on. One will feature Twilight Imperium for the entire length of the event. The second table will feature Munchkin, Pillars of the Earth, Walking Dead: The Board Game, Settlers of Catan, and Evil Intent.

We are fortunate to have partnered with the guys at Kraken Games who will be at the event to let us play the demo of Evil Intent. The game has not been released yet so make sure to give them some feedback after you play it. They are currently running a kickstarter campaign so go check it out here:

We are featuring German food for our event. Among other things we will have Knot wurst, Bock wurst, German potato salad, and Beer cheese with pretzel bread as a snack

WARNING: Games such as Twilight Imperium are not games you would see at family board game night. The rules are more complicated and the playing time can test your patience at times. If you are the sort that would enjoy the challenges that these games bring you will have a lot of fun. If you find yourself a little frustrated at the event we ask that you remind yourself that you are playing a game and to not take it quite so serious.

Tickets are $30 and space is limited. Tickets can be purchased HERE at the Warlocks store.


We have opened our virtual doors to advertisers. We are handling this process ourselves as we want to have some control on what is being advertised on our site. We hope to offer the people that frequent our site ads that might make some sense. If you are going to purchase space on our site please keep that in mind.



Ads will run for 30 days. Multiple 30 day periods can be purchased at a time. Your ad will be on the site continuously for the length of time that you purchased.

The ad will be located on the right side of the page in the sidebar area.

We currently only have 125 x 125 ad spots. If you need assistance designing an ad for that space we will assist you with that for free.

30 day ad = $30.00


Contact me at if you have any questions or would like to advertise with us.

Thank you


Author: Jonathan P. Niess (Jonnydem)

Blog Post: Location

The number one question we are asked is “where are you located?” or some similar phrasing of that question. So, I am going to try to answer that here.

The easiest but less accurate way to answer that question is to say that we don’t have a location yet. It is true but not a complete answer. We are fortunate enough to have met and become partners with the great people at the Brewery Incubator. Don’t worry, I’ll explain who they are in a second. Anyway, us at Warlocks: Games and Beer are currently a part of a team of brewers that is called the League of Extraordinary Brewers. This happened because we all have individually expressed interest in making brewing beer a huge part of our lives and we were recognized as such by the Brewery Incubator.

Now, what is the Brewery Incubator and who runs it? Well… It started with Lucrece Borrego, who has created a wonderful place that fosters and assists food businesses toward the goal of becoming independent companies. Now, she has shifted the focus to breweries. They have lured us brewers in with their awesome place to brew in historic downtown Houston at 907 Franklin street where we now meet as the League of Extraordinary Brewers.

So, to better expand on the original question posed above, we have a space at which you can come and sample the experience that will be Warlocks: Games and Beer. We share this space with all the other brewers of course, but that is not a bad thing. These other brewers are fantastic people and even better brewers. They are TBD Brewing, Down Easy Brewing Co., High Fidelity Brewing Co., Frostown Brewing Co., and Cafe Luz: Enlightened Brews(The House Brew)

To keep in touch with us so that you will know when we are holding events you need to sign up for the email list.

Find out more about the Brewery Incubator here: Brewery Incubator Facebook Page Article on Fast Company,


Author: Jonathan P. Niess (Jonnydem)