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Limited Edition Warlocks T-shirts!

Get the shirt HERE.

The Warlocks crew has been trying to find a way to get some T-shirts to our customers without jeopardizing costs in other areas of the business for a couple months now. We’ve started to get a few requests for T-shirts lately which made it all that more important for us to act. Mutual Friend Marlin stepped up and showed us a website that we can sell T-shirts through without a single cent of upfront cost. I know, crazy, right?

You can find out more about this website and how they conduct business at You might be wondering if there is a catch somewhere in this model for t-shirt sales. There is. We have to get pre-orders in a given amount of time so that can make them in appropriate batches. So, our goal is 75 shirts in 21 days. I know we can do this.

Tell your friends, tell your sister, tell your husband! they selling shirts to everyone!

I hope everyone gets that reference. I know that it was kind of a stretch.

We very much appreciate any and all support that we receive. Warlocks has come a long way since it’s inception and we could not have done it without our fans. All we ask is that you keep being awesome and harass everyone you know until they buy one of our shirts. Don’t give up when they just say they will buy one. Chances are that person has a smart phone. You stand there and harass them until you see a confirmation that they have made the purchase. We very much appreciate it. K THX BAI.

Get the shirt HERE.

Not Open Yet

My apologies to Jason Danforth and anyone else who has come up to The League of Extraordinary Brewers expecting it to be open these last couple of days. The brewpub will be open soon, I promise. The grand opening completely drained us of beer and we are working to catch up. I will post our official opening day soon but until then stay tuned.



Beer Review: Rogue Juniper Pale Ale

Being a highly suggestible person (at least when it comes to food and drink recommendations) and piqued by unorthodox flavors I tend to gravitate towards the more exotic and eccentric flavor pairings. I’ve not ever had a juniper berry and it just so happened to be that I’ve not ever had a beer by the fine brewers at Rogue, either. This is a great place to start. The more interesting aspect lies in the fact that it’s a brew not with a flavor of a certain berry (which has been done several times over), but a cone. Yes, like a pinecone. Its scales, however, are malleable and merged giving it its berry appearance. Fascinating. Onto the pour.

As soon as I let off the last few drops the head sponged up a nice fluffy egg-shell white that sat atop a glowing outer rim of an almost opaque golden hue that deepened in the center, a lovely drink. On the nose the notes were light but distinct, and few (A snifter is ideal for this nosing). The floral, and the sweet, the hops were dominant here and amid all, a very distinct smell I couldn’t quite locate or find a reference for.  It washed down all the same – an opening of the piney floral hops suddenly followed by that mysterious note, but now on the palate was far more pungent. A permeating bitter and dark tart that stayed through the drink and the finish partnered by a subtle, sweet maltiness fading off with a touch of spice.  All flavors were suspended greatly by moderate carbonation and a slightly frothy medium body.

There are not a variety of flavors to rummage through here but there needn’t be. It is a close knitted combination that seems to suggest it would’ve been a fine pale ale without its seedling hero. Yet it’s the juniper’s distinct dark taste against the bright pastoral pale ale that makes for a beautiful and refreshing experience. This is a beer that traverses the seasons, perennial, if you will. Refreshing during the summer, and in between, through the autumn, and an accompaniment with its hint of spruce, to the winter. All springtime lime seasonals may be replaced by the juniper PA- a simple, elegant, succinct potation. 


Score: 4.3/5


Author: Joseph Herrera

There’s only one Return, and it’s of the Jedi.

Captain’s Log, stardate 2013-09-10:

2 years, 3 months, 22 days, and some odd hours. This is the time I have left in the Marine Corps. This is the time before I can return home to my family and friends and help run a business I helped create. Often I feel like the dead beat dad who knocked up Jonny with this great idea (it was a mutual idea. It takes two to tango, right?) and left him to raise it on his own. Sorry, Jonny! It is impressive to see how he has brought this idea to life. I mean, our beer for sale. Available to the public. It’s pretty freaking exciting to be a part of it all. Who knew that drinking beer and playing video games would actually lead to a viable career? take that, school counselor.

The exciting part is really having a passion to do something worthwhile. Beer may not save lives or anything, but sometimes providing a home away from home can be good for the soul. The craft beer scene is such a fun scene to be a part of, as those involved are usually just as passionate about good beer as you. And there is so much out there! so much beer, so little time. I find myself wanting to travel for the sole reason of visiting other breweries and microbreweries and the like. I hope that, one day, our home at Warlock’s can be such an establishment, where people will want to visit from all over just to meet those wacky folk that created Warlocks beer. We simply couldn’t do it without you. So please, feel free to let us know how we can make the Warlock’s experience more awesometastic for you.

Beer Review: New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale

Craft brewers have risen time and time again to the challenge of creating new styles of beer for us to love (Kudos to Green Flash Brewing Co. on creating a TRIPLE IPA), yet the modern hip and crafty brewers can’t take full credit for creation of one of the most popular autumn beers: Pumpkin Ales. Pumpkin Ales have been around since the beginning of American history, when brewers had to find suitable adjuncts to make do for the lack of readily available malt grains. Nowadays, pumpkin beers show up like clockwork around the fall season, the typical harvest time, and New Holland’s Ichabod Pumpkin Ale made for a great beer.

                The color of this delectable ale, aided with the pumpkin and cinnamon, portrays the typical autumn, leafy colors with dark shades of amber and brown. A thin-but-strong ivory head rests nicely on top of the fall hues, and gives the impression that what you are about to partake of is not just a beer, but a work of art. The aroma sets in with delicious, subtle hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, sweet malts, and the quiet earthy notes of the hops and yeast. The taste is reminiscent of an English Mild with a pumpkin/cinnamon twist. The various flavors join together to create a slightly complex, yet quite easily drinkable, pumpkin ale. On a scale of 1 to 5, this beer gets a 3 7/8ths. Though not as bold or flavorful as some of the other pumpkin ales out there, this one can hold its own.

Writer- Terry Jones


Warpod Ep3

Warpod Ep3. In this episode we talk about the Ouya gaming console and whether or not it is worth your money. We also talk at length about the possibilities of the new virtual reality gadget known as the Oculus Rift. We also take a walk down the road of nerd culture and male privalege where we check up on how women are treated in the male dominated nerd culture in which we live.

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Warpod Ep2

Warpod Ep2. In this episode we talk about The Wolverine(spoilers), Kick-ass 2, Batman Superman movie, and we say goodbye to Fez 2. I, Jonnydem, forgot to introduce myself again. I’ll get it down someday I promise.

We went through some growing pains to get the second episode out because we had to record it twice. Yep, good old technical difficulties. We decided to switch topics so we would get a better show out of it. So, our RPG episode will have to wait.

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