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The number one question we are asked is “where are you located?” or some similar phrasing of that question. So, I am going to try to answer that here.

The easiest but less accurate way to answer that question is to say that we don’t have a location yet. It is true but not a complete answer. We are fortunate enough to have met and become partners with the great people at the Brewery Incubator. Don’t worry, I’ll explain who they are in a second. Anyway, us at Warlocks: Games and Beer are currently a part of a team of brewers that is called the League of Extraordinary Brewers. This happened because we all have individually expressed interest in making brewing beer a huge part of our lives and we were recognized as such by the Brewery Incubator.

Now, what is the Brewery Incubator and who runs it? Well… It started with Lucrece Borrego, who has created a wonderful place that fosters and assists food businesses toward the goal of becoming independent companies. Now, she has shifted the focus to breweries. They have lured us brewers in with their awesome place to brew in historic downtown Houston at 907 Franklin street where we now meet as the League of Extraordinary Brewers.

So, to better expand on the original question posed above, we have a space at which you can come and sample the experience that will be Warlocks: Games and Beer. We share this space with all the other brewers of course, but that is not a bad thing. These other brewers are fantastic people and even better brewers. They are TBD Brewing, Down Easy Brewing Co., High Fidelity Brewing Co., Frostown Brewing Co., and Cafe Luz: Enlightened Brews(The House Brew)

To keep in touch with us so that you will know when we are holding events you need to sign up for the email list.

Find out more about the Brewery Incubator here: Brewery Incubator Facebook Page Article on Fast Company,


Author: Jonathan P. Niess (Jonnydem)

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