The End is Near



The IndieGoGo campaign is coming to a close. We very clearly did not meet our goal. This is not a sign of the end of this company by any means. We have a lot to look forward to. We are always working in the background to move Warlocks Games and Beer forward.

We really appreciate all of those who backed us and decided to take the leap of faith to put their hard in dollars in our care. There were a lot of people that we met during this process that verbally expressed support but it was you, the backer, the ones who showed up to our events, the ones who have tried our beers. You are the ones I truly and sincerely feel deserve all of the thanks. It is people like you that reinforce and strengthen the vision I have for Warlocks. From the depths of my heart, Thank You.

As I said before, there is still a future for Warlocks. That future may not be the exact vision we had 2 months ago but it is still awesome and still worth your support. We will have news for you as soon as we can confirm our plans. In the mean time we are creating more videos and podcasts for you to enjoy on the ‘ol warlocks website.

Thanks again,

Jonathan “jonny” Niess

aka: Jonnydem

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