Be awesome, be a warlock. You’ve probably heard us say it, seen it on a video, or even read it on a T-shirt. Is it just some stupid marketing ploy to increase our views on YouTube? In a word …kinda.

It’s more than that. We are building a community. One where you, a Warlock, can become a contributor to Warlocks Entertainment System. You can tell us what you think, tell us what you want to see, or maybe just have a god damn conversation every once in a while.

As a token to represent that we are not full of shit, we are going to send every new Warlock a bumper sticker. Seriously, we will send you a free, high quality Warlocks sticker. Feel free to send us a picture of it once you slap it on something.

All you have to do is fill out the following form to get your sticker.

Filling out this form will also allow us to send you updates and news from Warlocks Entertainment System via email.

Be Awesome, Be a Warlock