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First Warlocks Halo 4 Event!

Over the weekend we held our first Halo 4 event. Alright, it was more than that. It was our first event held in a non residential setting. … and it was awesome. We held it down at Cafe Luz which doubles as the home of the Kitchen Incubator as well as The League of Extraordinary BrewersThe League of Extraordinary Brewers, by the way, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign some time in the coming weeks so look out for that.

The turn out for the event was admittedly less than expected. As it was our first real event no one could say exactly what to expect but when you have 58 people on your Facebook event saying that they will be there you would think you could safely expect half that number. That was not the case. We had a total of about 20 people. The good news is that everyone had a good time. Prizes were awarded, beer was consumed, and Halo 4 was played.

We are working on our next event as I type this. Exciting things, I tell you! EXCITING THINGS!


Welcome to the Warlocks: Games and Beer website. We are glad you have found us.

If you don’t know, we are an aspiring brewpub. We do not have a location yet but we are working on that. Right now we depend on your input and your general interest in our project to keep this idea alive. So far your feedback has been great.


If you would like to come see what we are about please stay tuned to the events page where we will let you know when and where you can come out and see us and taste our beer.


Thanks for checking us out. Cheers! Prost! Salute! L’chaim! …so on and so forth.