(Expired) All-day Board Game Event March 9th



You ever played a long game of monopoly? Like seven hours long? How would you like to try that again but with a better more complex game that will challenge your mental endurance as well as strategy and planning skills? Now imagine you are being served food during this long adventure. Not chips and cheap pizza but a real meal prepared where you can smell it while it cooks. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Stop thinking about it and sign up, because that dream scenario is exactly what we are offering. Space is limited so you will want to jump on those tickets quick.

We will have two separate game table being played on. One will feature Twilight Imperium for the entire length of the event. The second table will feature Munchkin, Pillars of the Earth, Walking Dead: The Board Game, Settlers of Catan, and Evil Intent.

We are fortunate to have partnered with the guys at Kraken Games who will be at the event to let us play the demo of Evil Intent. The game has not been released yet so make sure to give them some feedback after you play it. They are currently running a kickstarter campaign so go check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1205300753/evil-intent-the-board-game?ref=live

We are featuring German food for our event. Among other things we will have Knot wurst, Bock wurst, German potato salad, and Beer cheese with pretzel bread as a snack

WARNING: Games such as Twilight Imperium are not games you would see at family board game night. The rules are more complicated and the playing time can test your patience at times. If you are the sort that would enjoy the challenges that these games bring you will have a lot of fun. If you find yourself a little frustrated at the event we ask that you remind yourself that you are playing a game and to not take it quite so serious.

Tickets are $30 and space is limited. Tickets can be purchased HERE at the Warlocks store.

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