WarPod #86: Linkle, Game Awards nominations, Supergirl, and Top 3 Stupid Names

Zach and Jonny tackle the most topical and controversial topics in this week’s WarPod. These two nearly kill each other over such hotly debated topics as the female Link; Linkle, the nominations for the Game Awards, and they even dare discussing the new SuperGirl show. It almost comes to blows over that one.

Colin Moriarty Interview

Jonny and Zach had the awesome opportunity to sit down with co-founder of Kinda Funny, Colin Moriarty. We chatted about Fallout 4 hype, what the Nintendo NX needs to be, the future of VR, Mega Man, and we even talked a little football.

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WarPod #85: Spectre, Fallout 4 hype, and most anticipated games

Zach and Jonny discuss the video game hype machine and wonder if Fallout 4 will live up to it, Jonny saw Spectre, and they reach into their memories to recall the most anticipated games that they can remember.

WarPod #84: Dark Side Luke, Extra Life 2015, Fan Theories, Squirrel Girl is not a Mutant

Zach and Jonny are optimistic that Squirrel Girl will find her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Luke Skywalker may not be the good guy we thought, and they talk about other fan theories that are relevant to their interest. Most importantly though, it is the last WarPod episode before the big 24 hour Extra Life gaming marathon! The guys have recruited the help of some indie developers and publishers such as Bone Loaf, Power Hoof, Glass Knuckle Games, and tiny Build who have supplied such indie titles as Crawl, Thief Town, Gang Beasts, and Speed Runners for the guys to play during the streaming event on November 7th.

More Halo: Master Chief Collection

The guys have been plowing through hordes of Covenant, Flood, and Promethean forces  in a very short amount of time so we can get all of the Master Chief Footage published before they play Halo 5 during the Extra Life marathon on November 7th. Here is a large helping of Halo 2 videos. We think you might like them. Even if you are not a Halo fan, we recommend watching the first few seconds of each video.

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WarPod #83: BetaDwarf Interview, Extra Life 2015, Ben Afflek to direct Batman movie, Zelda to have a twist on open world concept, and Star Wars goes Canadian

Zach and Jonny dig into the last Star Wars Ep7 trailer, wonder what “twist on open world concept” means, and interview Frederick Denning from BetaDwarf; the development team that squatted in a college computer lab while developing a game. They also spend some time talking about Extra Life 2015 and the Disney/Netflix deal that gives Canadians access to Star Wars Ep7 on Netflix.

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