WarPod #95: The Buy Out

Well….  The WarPod is changing hands. Zach and I (Jonnydem) find out at the end of this episode that Edge of Blade is taking over. Don’t fret boys and girls. We’ll make it through this together. We are not going anywhere as far as I know.

Other than that big bombshell we do have a great show for you. TMNT, Conan The Barbarian, and Justice League/Teen Titans all have new trailers that we react to.


WarPod #94: Zelda Cash Grab


Nintendo is doing some shady stuff with Amiibos in Twilight Princess remake. Also, a new Pee Wee Herman is coming to Netflix. This, AND MORE in the latest episode of the WarPod! 


WarPod #93: Love That Rock and Roll


We think Zach likes Rocky Horror Picture Show a little bit but how
does he feel about the remake? The guys also talk about The Punisher on Netflix, Alan Rickman’s great career, and what they have been playing lately.


WarPod #92: Let’s Dance

There are real people with functioning brains that want George Lucas to come back and direct a Star Wars movie. Zach and Jonny give directions to most major mental institutions and hospitals around the country so they can find they help they need. The guys also talk about David Bowie, Sony trying to trademark “Let’s Play”, video games for blind people, Batman vs Superman vs Daredevil, and the cost of the Oculus Rift.


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